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In the late 50's Don Filiberto Gómez, following the vision of reaching more people with the product of his work, decides to set up his palenque in Santiago Matatlán, today known as the world capital of mezcal.

Thus he began to distill through a completely handmade process. To distribute the result of his work “El Magueyal” was founded in the center of the City of Oaxaca, on Aldama Street No. 517, in 1972, where the tradition began. 

Fifteen years later in March of 1987 and in pursuit of the vision that Don Filiberto left, his family decided to bring the art of mezcal to the Mercado de Abastos, being one of the first mezcalerías in this area.

Up until now, it's in this same place where “El Magueyal,” continues to offer its customers a wide variety of distillates and derivatives of mezcal from their distillery. Keeping our tradition, the elaboration of all our products maintains artisanal distillate, and this allows us to get distillates with exceptional flavors.

Thanks to this background, “El Magueyal” has been forged between the same clientele and the people who visit it, the recognition of being one of the few mezcal places that are characterized by the quality of the products it offers, as well as being Authentic mezcaleros of a lifetime.

We promote products and services that generate unique and incomparable experiences to customers and friends.

We have become a reference company in the region's tourist and mezcal sectors. 


The mezcal is held in wood containers up to 12 months, in a space with stable temperature and humidity conditions.

mezcales-jovenes-el magueyal-oaxaca.png

It has been the classic Mezcal of  Oaxaca  for more than 130 years and it has become one of the most emblematic , winner of international recognition

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It's a sweet liquor, with color, aroma and some coffee flavor. It is perfect for cocktails, on the rocks, or in desserts.

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